ezMedRecords  for  the  iPad

Welcome to ezMedRecords!

ezMedRecords is an iPad App for the electronic documentation of medication management.  ezMedRecords is different from other medication dispensing apps, because ezMedRecords is tailored for 2 to 100 medication taking patients, and 2 to 100 medication documenting staff.  ezMedRecords is ideal for the small group healthcare homes across the world; that at any given time, have about 10 active patients, and 10 active staff.

Features and Benefits of ezMedRecords

Multi Staff User Login with passwords.

Creates passworded logins for security.

Separates Staff User annotations and notes.

Personalizes the iPad.

Multi Patient Records in the database.

Allows for, one app, to manage one database, on an Apple iPad.


Allows purchasers to become HIPAA Compliant.

Does not use Apple iCloud to manage the database.

Only uses internet to download app from the Apple App Store.

Works when the internet is not working.

Industry ad-hoc printouts.

Printout sheets can be placed in a Med Book for hardcopy.

There are open areas on the printouts for Staff handwritten notes.

Warnings window informs Staff of possible problems.

Notes that a Medication has low supply.

Notes that a Medication is late to be dispensed.

Notes that there were any reportable Staff errors.

Staff defined color codes for dispensing.

Staff can assign colors for such events as “time to order med,” or “med received from Pharm.”

Colors are included on the printouts.